EX-Rental Stock for Sale

Take a look at all the EX-Rental Cameras and Lighting available for Sale. Film Plus EX-Rental Sales List

Skypanel with Smoke

Arri skypanel test in the warehouse. Colour temperature is adjustable between 2,800 K and 10,000 K, with excellent color rendition over the entire range.

Phase One IQ250 H & M Fit

Now available in FilmPlus London and Ibiza, the Phase One IQ250 in both Hasselblad ‘H’ fit and Phase ’M’ fit. The IQ250 is the epitome…

The Boiler Room – Ibiza

Streamed Live by FilmPlus Ibiza http://boilerroom.tv/session/ibiza-ellen-allien-guy-gerber/ Photographer: Phrank

FilmPlus Ibiza – LiveCast

FilmPlus Ibiza is the only Ibiza-based film production company that provides independently reliable broadcast-quality video streaming, recording and editing services to producers of live events…

Wallpaper Magazine

leandrofarina: Wallpaper Magazine | Taking stock Leandro shoots for Wallpaper using FilmPlus Lighting and Digital

Oloip Maasai tribe shoot

Anders Brogaard with Owen Tanner shooting the Oloip Maasai tribe today at Loft Studios with FilmPlus Equipment

Anders Brogaard

Anders Brogaard onset in Ibiza shooting for Danish brand Pandora